The environment has been the key focus of our consultancy since it was founded, offering the services required to ensure both the region's sustainability and private firms' commitment in environmental terms. Within this area we provide advice on the implementation and communication of new management systems and/or bylaws, the management of participatory processes and environmental education. We also offer our services to help our clients achieve sustainability locally. Based on the principle "Think global, act local", we aim to respond to growing concerns regarding environmental issues and our work related to the fulfilment of programmes such as the Covenant of Mayors and Agenda Local 21 are just some examples of this. Other environmentally-related lines of work are the management of noise pollution (including the production of noise maps), environmental impact (environmental impact studies), energy efficiency (energy audits and certification) and staff training to prepare workers for the professional challenges posed by today's labour market.


Civic awareness is a collective undertaking by citizens committed to society and public resources. With the aim of encouraging civic behaviour, Son Servera Council decided to produce a Civic Awareness Guide, in the format of a booklet divided into three broad areas: civic awareness related to the municipality, correct waste management and living together with pets. This guide, produced and designed by our consultancy, summarises the content of the new municipal bylaws related to civic behaviour, as well as compiling good practices for the three areas mentioned. It also provides detailed information on the different channels provided by the Council for citizens to become involved in the municipality's decisions and management. The guide totals 24 pages and 12,000 copies have been distributed, translated into 4 languages to ensure it reaches everyone in the municipality. Son Servera Council, 2013


Family Debate is a questionnaire whose aim is to give families the chance to express their points of view regarding the current state of the municipality. To ensure this survey reaches families, in the case of Son Servera the Family Debate was given out to pupils in the last two years of primary at the municipality's schools. Gest Ambiental was responsible for designing the questions, for delivering and explaining the questionnaires at the schools and also the corresponding analysis of the answers obtained. Family Debate is an initiative that forms part of the citizen participation plan of Son Severa's "Agenda Local 21" and helps to gather the opinions of citizens which can then be used by the Council as a guideline for managing the municipality, aiming to achieve a more sustainable model of development. In the case of Son Servera this activity was first carried out in 2009 and, thanks to the latest edition of the Family Debate, we've been able to determine whether families' opinions have altered over the last few years. Montuïri Council, 2010, Son Servera Council, 2010 and 2013

Energy certification for housing
Production of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the project to construct the new "Punt Verd" de Campos
Production of the environmental report for the “Project for rainwater outlets into the sea on Avenida Primavera (Colònia de Sant Jordi)
Preliminary study to recover the direct management of Street Cleaning
Environmental Supervision for the building work to close down the Dump at S’Estret
Preliminary study to implement DNA analysis to reduce dog waste in public places
Production of the study “Plan to Manage the Demand for Water Resources in the Municipality of Santanyí”
Public awareness campaign "Join the Citizenship"
Information campaign for citizens on the new waste collection system
Information campaign for the new hotel waste collection system
Educational environment workshops for adults and specific groups
Educational campaign and drawing competition “Water, Source of Life”
Management of the Participatory Concerts for the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation
Management of the processes for “Agenda Local 21” projects in Son Servera, Santanyí, Estellencs and Montuïri