Given the importance of tourism for the economy of the Balearic Islands, since GEST AMBIENTAL was founded IT has been our aim to include this new line of work within our range of services. In a very similar way to the case with the environment, local governments very often require external advice and assistance in managing tourism. Our team has the necessary skills to meet the requirements of both private firms and local government in this area. Particularly important in the area of tourism is the creation of new products related to nature, the environment and also active tourism, all playing a key role in today's tourist services, helping to make tourism more sustainable and less seasonal. Also available at our consultancy is the possibility to carry out specialised internal tasks such as analysing tourist satisfaction surveys, producing communicative material such as signage for routes and/or places of interest and the publication of informative material.


Estellencs is a small town in the Serra de Tramuntana area where no tourism management per se had been carried out until 2013, in spite of its large amount of tourism resources, particularly in relation to nature, culture and heritage. Gest Ambiental drew up the Municipal Tourism Development Plan for Estellencs, laying the foundations to promote local tourism with the aim of boosting its economy and positioning Estellencs in the tourism market. With the Tourism Development Plan as the route map, we've provided overall tourism advice for the municipality of Estellencs as external experts, including specialist tasks to position the municipality in tourism terms as well as other work related to more day-to-day management requirements. Of particular note among the specialised work carried out by Gest Ambiental is the creation of a tourism brand for the municipality, its work on walks as a product by designing informative leaflets and walking routes, and also its signage survey to highlight the main attractions for tourists. Other tasks carried out as part of this consultancy work include grant management and the design and subsequent analysis of tourist satisfaction surveys.


Over the last few years the municipality of Artà has worked hard to establish itself as a tourist destination, focusing on sustainable, quality tourism with the key aim of promoting specific products such as active and nature-related tourism. Throughout 2014 Gest Ambiental collaborated with Artà Council to help to achieve the goals it had set itself. One important part of the focus on active and nature-related tourism was the study of the potential of the Llevant Peninsula Nature Park as a tourist attraction, as well as assistance in creating sports competitions set in natural surroundings and developing walking trails. In this last case a proposal was made for a network of walks based on an analysis of the existing municipal paths and the main places of interest for tourists. Related to quality tourism and as part of the overall consultancy service provided by Gest Ambiental, a study was carried out to implement alternative tourism brands (Bike friendly, Pet friendly), as well as a detailed proposal to set up a body to help neighbouring municipalities work together in promoting tourism and an analysis of the destination's quality in terms of its countryside, highlighting the main weak points and proposing the actions required to resolve them.

Production of signs for the Bike Tourism Routes
Creation website to promote tourism in Montuïri (
Production and design Guied of the Artà's Network of Walks
Production and design of the Shopping Guide for Colonia de Sant Pere
Publication of Tourist Information Leaflets
Advice on the Tourist Municipality Statement
Specialist assistance for Tourism
Specialist assistance for Nature Tourism
Production of Municipal Tourism Development Plans (PDTM)